JaoYing Update

Dear World!

I am back to my blog now after the cold war between the new dog, Kaengsom and I (Jaoying) almost ending.

Recently boss brings one more new dog (MaNow) to add in our team. These two new dogs always keep me busy because both of them like to come very close to my food’s bowl. I have to be aware both of them, and I cannot let them to be around my bed neither because both of them enjoy to tear apart everything in front of them, even the cardboard box.

Kaengsom likes to act as if she were a super star dog; she likes to be in front of camera with her styles. She also tries to get attention from boss as much as she can by her strange barking noise. She loves to show her high jumping up and down when she sees boss come close to me.

Kaengsom gets along and be a good friend with MaNow, but not me! However, when boss put dog muffler on me, Kaengsom will rescues me as soon as she can by biting that muffler out from my face, and that the only moment I really like Kaengsom because of her help. We will play with each other for a few minutes, after that we go back to be enemy as before.

Sometimes our routines as a barking chorus will start early morning. Boss does not like that. We have learned that if we have the barking chorus, that on day our breakfast will be delay too.



Hello! 2017

Hope your New Year 2017 is the best luck, the best life, and best year for all of you. 

Time flies too fast to catch, I can’t believe that 2016 is gone now.  This year I will turn to 14 year old Beagle. However, boss told me that it doesn’t necessary for me to remember the number of years, and I should enjoy my life day by day without worry the changing of my age.   Whenever people ask boss about her age, she always say she has been stopped to count her number since she was 19 years old, so each year her age still 19 forever. 


Did I tell you about my best friend, Som Tum, yet?  Som Tum had passed away last two years ago.  It was very hard to adapt my living without Som Tum because we were best friends for long time.  I miss her very much and never forget about her kindness and friendly smile when she took care of me.  Sometimes I felt guilty about stealing and hiding her biscuit bones and keeping for myself.  Sorry, Som Tum, but I know in my heart you will forgive me.


After Som Tum gone, my days went by slowly and sadly.  Finally, boss had to find a new friend for me, and she thought I would be happy again.  Boss was wrong because “Kang Som” (the new dog’s name) and I are never good friends for each other, but only the worse enemy.   Next time I will share with you about that new dog, so you know why I would rather to live alone without that newbie dog.   




Joa Ying and the beloved red pillow



Summer Sharing

Hello World!

Jao Ying is here now with many update stories about four of us, Somtum, Thong Thai, Thongpond, and me (Joa Ying, the Beagle) plus some stories about my relatives and new friends in Thailand. First of all, let me share some pictures of all my relatives and friends from Thailand, so you will know who are they and how they look like.

I have new room for their pictures, call Sharing Friendship.   Click, then you will see them before read their stories one by one. It will take time for me to interview their owner ( my boss’s sister).  Both of them, my boss and her sister like to share stories about their four legs friends. When I hear about their stories, I’d like to share to the world too. 

P.S. This summer, my boss very serious to try to reduce my weight after she took me to the vet. Doctor told her a 60 ponds beagle need to improve the weight as soon as possible.  Therefore, boss immediately takes action by taking Somtum and me, the over weight Beagle, to go for walking everyday now.   First week of exercise was great and I love it!   However, I hate the part that there is not much food in my bowl as before, and I have been depressed about this bowl since the first day of exercise.  Please help!

Sharing Friendship

All of us are Jao Ying’s relatives.  we are here to share you about our stories as Jao Ying ‘s invitation.


  Uncle Mhee, The Leader


                                     Lai Seur, and her three sons

kang pa

 Kang Pa



the lion


all dogs

The Dreamer Team

Soi thong

Soi Thong

We are still here on earth.

Hello! World

All of us have been lived at the new home more than two years now.  It seems to me we didn’t see each other more than two hundred years because I didn’t have a chance to write to all of you for a while.  I miss all of you very much.   Today, boss tells me that I should update my blog because if I don’t, people may think Somtum and I were not here on earth anymore.  Well, just to let you know that four of us are still here, and we plan to live as long as God allow us to live.   Next time I will share you more stories about our new place.


JJ and ST


Dream Bone

Dear Friends,

Last night when I was dreaming about Christmas gift (the huge Chewing bone), Somtum interrupted my sweet dream with her strange noise.  I woke up, and my Christmas gift, the huge bone, suddenly disappeared.  That was very frustrated situation for me because I could not go back and to continue my dream with that bone again.  I asked Somtum what wrong with her, and she did not say any words, but sat next to my bed for a moment.  Then she let the waste water from inside her body out!  For the Beagle sake! Why didn’t she bark to let boss knows that she wants to go outside as she used to do before?  I was very mad and yielded at her, and my barking was echoed in the dark of early morning.  Boss immediately arrived at our cages, and she thought I did the wet part and barking.  I got the blame from boss right away.  I was in the deepest depress emotion until the second time that  Somtum  performed her action again while boss was cleaning Somtum’s waste.

  Boss said to me she didn’t mean to hurt my feeling by blaming me in the early morning, however, I had to hold my depression for a while to get boss attention.  Do you know when the Beagle in the mood of depression, most of time for “some purposes”?  Examples: biscuit bones, special food, chewing bones something like that.  However, I don’t plan to depress, if boss not at home.  I always pick the right time for my depression.  Now you learn from me whatever you do in your life, you must do at the right place, the right time, and also at the right person, and if three of these meet, I guarantee most of times you will get what you want. 

Finally, my depression disappeared as soon as I saw boss came to me with two big chewing bones in her hands.  Of course, I knew which bone was bigger, so I immediately snapped it in my mouth before it too late because boss said she was going to bring those bones back inside house, if I don’t like neither one of them.  Those words kicked my depression out of my mind within a second.  Finally my dream came true even before Christmas!