Hello! 2017

Hope your New Year 2017 is the best luck, the best life, and best year for all of you. 

Time flies too fast to catch, I can’t believe that 2016 is gone now.  This year I will turn to 14 year old Beagle. However, boss told me that it doesn’t necessary for me to remember the number of years, and I should enjoy my life day by day without worry the changing of my age.   Whenever people ask boss about her age, she always say she has been stopped to count her number since she was 19 years old, so each year her age still 19 forever. 


Did I tell you about my best friend, Som Tum, yet?  Som Tum had passed away last two years ago.  It was very hard to adapt my living without Som Tum because we were best friends for long time.  I miss her very much and never forget about her kindness and friendly smile when she took care of me.  Sometimes I felt guilty about stealing and hiding her biscuit bones and keeping for myself.  Sorry, Som Tum, but I know in my heart you will forgive me.


After Som Tum gone, my days went by slowly and sadly.  Finally, boss had to find a new friend for me, and she thought I would be happy again.  Boss was wrong because “Kang Som” (the new dog’s name) and I are never good friends for each other, but only the worse enemy.   Next time I will share with you about that new dog, so you know why I would rather to live alone without that newbie dog.   




Joa Ying and the beloved red pillow




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