JaoYing Update

Dear World!

I am back to my blog now after the cold war between the new dog, Kaengsom and I (Jaoying) almost ending.

Recently boss brings one more new dog (MaNow) to add in our team. These two new dogs always keep me busy because both of them like to come very close to my food’s bowl. I have to be aware both of them, and I cannot let them to be around my bed neither because both of them enjoy to tear apart everything in front of them, even the cardboard box.

Kaengsom likes to act as if she were a super star dog; she likes to be in front of camera with her styles. She also tries to get attention from boss as much as she can by her strange barking noise. She loves to show her high jumping up and down when she sees boss come close to me.

Kaengsom gets along and be a good friend with MaNow, but not me! However, when boss put dog muffler on me, Kaengsom will rescues me as soon as she can by biting that muffler out from my face, and that the only moment I really like Kaengsom because of her help. We will play with each other for a few minutes, after that we go back to be enemy as before.

Sometimes our routines as a barking chorus will start early morning. Boss does not like that. We have learned that if we have the barking chorus, that on day our breakfast will be delay too.




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