A little bit about me.

My career was started in Nursing Field for many years then later I found myself in the art world.  All I know, the independent spirit lead me to the new road, and I willing to follow it.

I enjoy keeping myself busy in learning new things everyday, and my motto is Learn to Live, and Live to Learn.   Animals, gardening, writing, reading, languages, paintings, cooking, and crafts are my favorite things to do in my free time.

I like to travel any place where is next to rivers, lakes, sea, and ocean because I grew up in the small village next to the sea. 

I stop to count my age since I was seventeen, I believe in forever young heart.  Therefore, it is useless to ask how old I am.
Simplicity is my living




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Friend of Beagle ;
    Pete Dowan here !
    I realize that there is very little chance that this e-mail will result in anything, but that’s better than the zero chance if I didn’t try. I was googling for Dog related blogs and I came across your site and thought I’d contact you.
    I am a medically disabled songwriter from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, and have written many songs about many different subjects and in several different styles.
    One song in particular was a personal thank you to my dog. The song is called “Good Friend”.
    I mention my disability because various factors of my condition stop me from being able to use professional studios to record my songs, so I have to do them here, at home, in my basement, on donated equipment from musicians I used to work with. For the same reason, I also am unable to perform my music live.
    HISTORY OF THE SONG::: For the first few years that I had my current health condition I had a very difficult time walking. One of my doctors figured out the reason, and when that was dealt with, it was up to me to get myself “going”. That’s where our dog, Scuttle, came in. He bugged me daily to take him out … wouldn’t let up until I did so. His determination was catching, and within a year we were both going on outings that I never dreamed I’d be able to do again. As a thank you, I wrote the above mentioned song for him. (R.I.P. my boy)
    If you know it’s about a dog, the lyrics jump out at you as being obvious, but if you don’t, there’s only one line that definitely points to it.
    I was wondering if you’d like to hear the song, since your blog is about dogs and for dog people. I can send you an MP3, a short term link or it can be heard on my “MySpace” page … which is myspace.com/petedowan … the second song on the list. If you would give it a listen, I’d love to get your opinion on it.
    I DO understand if you’d rather not.
    Have a great day, and keep smiling.

    Musically Yours,
    Pete Dowan [pronounced like plowin’ ]

    • Hello Pete Dowan!

      Thank you very much for your visiting my Beagle blog.
      Please welcome to my four legs friends’ world, and if you want to share more stories of your
      best friend, “Scuttle”, you are welcome any time.

      I’m very sorry to learn that your disability stops you from being able to use professional studios.
      I understand the difficulty you have to go through on each day, but remember that you are not alone because God, or the Great Spirit always keep eyes on you, and all living things that he brings to earth. God has his plans for all of us, when he going to help, or to heal.

      Do you know? You have a special gift from God because you can express your feeling, your thought, and your imagination into the beautiful songs. I hope you continue doing in what you love to do, write more songs, let the world hear your music, and maybe your music can stop the sound of guns shooting in the wars. We need PEACE on earth, at least A PEACE OF MIND.

      Yes, it will be my pleasure to listen to your song, “Good Friend”.
      However, my blog is WP host, and I don’t have plug in for music files. That why one of my music file, Music of Elan Michaels, I have to link from another my website.
      I’m not try to be cheap, or to take advance on freebie, but I’m new a blogger I need more experience in blogging before I will update my space that can provides me more widgets.
      It will be nice if I can have your music files in my blog for visitors. I’m sure many dog lovers will enjoy your music too.

      Maybe you can give me an advice, or give me more detail about this matter, please. 🙂

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