The Beginning Of Beagle Blog

Dear Dog Lovers,

I would like to have this blog for all of my best friends, dogs. It will be about all of my dogs that I used to live with them. Their stories always recall me to laugh about them, and to cry for them whenever my memory go back to the good old days.

All dogs are the best friends. I’m sure many dog lovers will agree with me; dogs are the most honest friend that we ever have, and the best friends that we can trust. In the moment of great danger, most dogs can die for their masters without any obligation, but only for their master to be safe.

After my first Beagle, Mang Moom, died, I can’t  live without the Beagle. The tri colors dog, which has droop ears, cheerful, alert, very sensitive, independent, and most of all the Beagle has the spirit of the great adventure. Beagles are very special when they are among the other dogs.

Therefore most of my writings here will be stories about Beagles more than the other, but I will include some stories of my other dogs, and pets too.

If you are dog lovers, please welcome to share your stories with me. I’m very happy to read different kinds of dogs’ stories from all of you. Otherwise, I will share to the world how wonderful four legs friends I used to have, and also the one I having now. That is the purpose of my Beagle blog.



4 thoughts on “The Beginning Of Beagle Blog

  1. That is a very nice picture!! I very love to see your dog in real life someday! I really love dogs of many type but beagle is one of my top five favorite dogs. So I hope you continue on this Beagle blog!

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