Joa Ying’s Living Room

Boss let me have “Joa Ying’s Living Room” for all of my friends, so we can discuss and share our stories for each other. Although I am a Beagle, but I love to welcome all other breeds to join in my blog .

Today I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Frankie.  His boss (Linda) is my boss’s  good friend for long time.  She allows Frankie to visit “Joa Ying’s Living Room”  for the first time as we invited him. 

Frankie, please welcome you in my blog now! 

 Som Tum will bring you some snacks, and cold drinks soon, as she is the reception of the house.   Please have a seat, and enjoy yourself as our blog’s special guest.

Here is Frankie’s story that his boss wrote about him.

   His name is Frankie.  I have had him for 2 years now.  I got him when he was about 2 months old.  His mother was a Chihuahua and his father a sneaky neighbor dog I think.  LOL The vet thought maybe his father was miniature pincher.

 He has long legs and runs like a deer.  He loves to run and play with the dogs at our lake house.  They are black labs, and so much bigger than him but he doesn’t care.  When I first got him, the neighbors here at home had a beagle and Frankie loved her.  She got lost over a year ago, we all searched for days but we never found her.  Frankie misses her a lot.
He is a cute little lap dog, he likes to snuggle with you in a chair or sleep in the bed too.  He doesn’t take up much space.  He is about 9 pounds now.  His color is kind of a reddish brown.  

We had 3 other cats too, but one by one they left, so now we just have the dog.  He loves to ride in the car and go where we go.  He doesn’t mind waiting while I am in a store or movie.  But since winter, when it is so cold I leave him home so he is warm.  He has curled up behind me in the computer chair now and is sleeping.

He just thinks he is people and not a dog.
He did inherit some of his mother’s tendencies because he gets nervous easily.  He often shakes when he is scared.  Which is most of the time Cole, my grandson, is around.    He is again sitting behind me in the computer chair.                                                           

He did like to chew things like your dog when we first got him.  He liked electrical cords and it’s a wonder he didn’t electrocute himself because he chewed them so much.  He ruined the cord on the answering machine and the photo printer I have.  Lately he just seems content to tear apart his toys, especially anything with stuffing and a squeaker inside.  When we first got him, he had a rubber chicken toy.  We used to say “get your chicken” to him.  After that he thought all of his toys were “chickens”, so we still say it to him and he brings whatever he is playing with.  I can’t get him to speak either on command.  He barks outside and when he wants to come back inside or at a noise he hears.  He will sit and shake hands, and lie down on command.  We are working on rolling over but he only turns on his back and never goes all the way over.  Anyhow……. enough dog talk. 






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