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Miss You

Hello all of my friends!

It has been a long time that I did not write to all of you.  Our team, Somtum, The two sister cats, all fishes and me, Joa Ying, have been very busy for our new place.  Do I like it here? Hmm…..I think it alright, just for now because nobody around this area likes my barking, except my boss.  I think she understands the Beagle’s freedom and she said in this country we have the First Amendment to guarantee the freedom of speech.  Therefore, I assume I have freedom in my speech too.

The lady next door, I hear her nickname something ending with sound “R”, my boss said maybe her full name is “Hyena” or something like that  because her screaming voice just exactly like a Hyena’s sound.  For some reason or more reasons, she doesn’t like me from the first day that she saw me.  I assume that maybe because I’m look prettier and heavier than her dogs, or maybe she was born with hormone of hate the Beagle, like me.  It seems to me she doesn’t care much about Somtum’s barking, but whenever she hears my barking, she acts like my voice broken her hemorrhoid.  However, I can’t give up my Beagle barking, sorry Hyena Lady!

Boss keeps tell me more than hundred times that I should decrease my appetite.  That is very depressing suggestion that I ever hear from her.  Last week I ignored all her food she gave me, then she asked me why I didn’t eat.  Oh! Boss, what exactly you want from me?  Do you want me to eat or not to eat?  Well! I better make her happy, so I come back to enjoy my meals, and  Somtum’s meals too.  As her ages, Somtum doesn’t care much of her food like before, but she eats enough to live on her days.  This is the reason I have to take care and clean up of her food every day, except chewing bones she always keep in good care and she doesn’t like me to look at these bones neither.  I keep telling her more than million times, that “Just looking, lady”.  However, she doesn’t trust me with her chewing bones.  That is another depressing issue for me.

Well, I promise I will come back as often as I can to let all of you know about my days here.

Miss all of you,

Joa Ying, the Beagle


The Two Sisters’ Secret Day


     Boss let two dogs go online, this time we (two sisters) ask boss for our turn so that we have an equal opportunity as the Beagle, and the Sheep dog. Boss can not say no to us because this is the freedom country, whatever dogs can do, cats can do too.


    No, we don’t mean we will bark as dogs, but we want to share our stories to the world as Joa Ying, the Beagle, does on her journal. Tell you the truth, we don’t feel comfortable with that Beagle at all because she likes to give us the heart attack moment many times whenever she see us on our duty ( catching mice), sitting on the top of fish tank, or take a nap in our basketm she takes her action right away.

    It is our pet peeve when she put her cold nose to smell us for something as if she wants to know if we take a shower, or put deodorant under our armpits or not. That is not the Beagle’s business to check on us, so sometime we give her the big punch on her face, and scare her by our tough loud meows. Joa Ying keeps eyes on us whenever we sit close to the fish tank, and she always think we try to do something illegal. Then she acts like the main character of TV series movie “Murder She Wrote” to find out the clue for our actions on the top of fish tank. We know what she thinks, so we beware of her every movement.

   Talking about the  fish tank, we still remember that day. The day that we had to keep in secret for long time, and we don’t want boss to know about it because in boss’s eyes we must be a couple gentle kind hearts and innocent cats.

  Come closer, we don’t want to speak out loud.

    Oh! No, No! No! we didn’t try to do the illegal business, but that day we were watching all fishes swim in the water, while boss cooked food in the kitchen. It was fun to watch all of them. We looked right and left and saw nobody around, then we put our paws (without nails) in the water just to make sure the temperature was right for those poor fishes. Then we had focused on three small fishes on water surface. We tried to catch one of them. Oop! No we mean we wanted to give these little fishes a warm hug, that all.

    Before we can think of any thing, the nasty Joa Ying had blow out our precocious moment by her Beagle barking that made us almost hearts attack, and we forgot how we got on the top of the cupboard at that fast.

    We told her if she does like that again, and if we get hurt during our emergency moment, we will sue her for big price. Yes, we mean that!

     Since Boss got the big fish from her Chinese friend, we don’t really like to sit on the top of fish tank any more because that fish likes to splash water all over the place, and we don’t like to get wet.  We think all small fishes vote for him to be the chief fish now.  He is a fast swimmer, and he eats a lot of food in each day.  Who know? Maybe Someday he wills  eat one of us too. He should be on diet soon before he turns to over weight fish. 


“WOO! WOO! WOOF! I’m glad now both of you give up the evil idea about the fish tank because of Mr. Big Chief. WOO! WOO! WOOF!”

Oh! Gee we want to get rid that Beagle as soon as possible! Her barking is really irritates our mood.


Here is the Chief Fish.the-chief-new