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Dream Bone

Dear Friends,

Last night when I was dreaming about Christmas gift (the huge Chewing bone), Somtum interrupted my sweet dream with her strange noise.  I woke up, and my Christmas gift, the huge bone, suddenly disappeared.  That was very frustrated situation for me because I could not go back and to continue my dream with that bone again.  I asked Somtum what wrong with her, and she did not say any words, but sat next to my bed for a moment.  Then she let the waste water from inside her body out!  For the Beagle sake! Why didn’t she bark to let boss knows that she wants to go outside as she used to do before?  I was very mad and yielded at her, and my barking was echoed in the dark of early morning.  Boss immediately arrived at our cages, and she thought I did the wet part and barking.  I got the blame from boss right away.  I was in the deepest depress emotion until the second time that  Somtum  performed her action again while boss was cleaning Somtum’s waste.

  Boss said to me she didn’t mean to hurt my feeling by blaming me in the early morning, however, I had to hold my depression for a while to get boss attention.  Do you know when the Beagle in the mood of depression, most of time for “some purposes”?  Examples: biscuit bones, special food, chewing bones something like that.  However, I don’t plan to depress, if boss not at home.  I always pick the right time for my depression.  Now you learn from me whatever you do in your life, you must do at the right place, the right time, and also at the right person, and if three of these meet, I guarantee most of times you will get what you want. 

Finally, my depression disappeared as soon as I saw boss came to me with two big chewing bones in her hands.  Of course, I knew which bone was bigger, so I immediately snapped it in my mouth before it too late because boss said she was going to bring those bones back inside house, if I don’t like neither one of them.  Those words kicked my depression out of my mind within a second.  Finally my dream came true even before Christmas!