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Summer Sharing

Hello World!

Jao Ying is here now with many update stories about four of us, Somtum, Thong Thai, Thongpond, and me (Joa Ying, the Beagle) plus some stories about my relatives and new friends in Thailand. First of all, let me share some pictures of all my relatives and friends from Thailand, so you will know who are they and how they look like.

I have new room for their pictures, call Sharing Friendship.   Click, then you will see them before read their stories one by one. It will take time for me to interview their owner ( my boss’s sister).  Both of them, my boss and her sister like to share stories about their four legs friends. When I hear about their stories, I’d like to share to the world too. 

P.S. This summer, my boss very serious to try to reduce my weight after she took me to the vet. Doctor told her a 60 ponds beagle need to improve the weight as soon as possible.  Therefore, boss immediately takes action by taking Somtum and me, the over weight Beagle, to go for walking everyday now.   First week of exercise was great and I love it!   However, I hate the part that there is not much food in my bowl as before, and I have been depressed about this bowl since the first day of exercise.  Please help!


The Unpredictable Friendship

After I tried to make friend with the two sisters for many times, they started to be nice with me just a little bit (only when they were in good mood).  It took about two months before they accept me as the member of this house.

One thing I had learned that don’t walk too close to them while they are eating.  That is very dangerous zone!  Don’t even try to look at them because they will start making their engine noise in their throats. Then they will forget about our good friendship in that moment.  I don’t understand why these two cats are very sensitive. 

However two sisters are very good for catching mice.  They act like they were the polices of the house by walk around every corner every night.  If they see a mouse somewhere they will sit, and wait for long time until that poor mouse come out for them to chase.  They don’t like me to be a part of their business.  I remember one time I tried to be a part of their teamwork, and I helped them to get the mouse.  First they let me joined with them.  I have confident that my nose is very accurate about the target’s location. 

However, only one Beagle barking that I tried to scare the mouse, both sisters turned nasty to me immediately.  I didn’t understand their mood, so I kept barking more, and more just to try to explain that I really had a good intention to help them.  No they didn’t want to listen at all.

However, things got worse because both of them zoomed out as the racing cars, and sprang up to the top of the big clock like the hero in Kung Fu movie.  It took time a while for them to start to be friend with me again. 

I had learned their names when boss call them for food.  The elder sister, dark color, is Thong Pound, and the young one, big white belly, is Thong Tai. 

Both sisters are very good actors, because whenever they see boss walk into the kitchen they always act as if they are starving to death.  They make begging noise until boss will put snack or food in their bowls.  Whenever I try to make begging noise as two sisters do, boss always tell me to be quite.  That isn’t fair. 

 I always depress when boss don’t understand me.  I often protest her by walk inside the dog’s jail and stay there until I feel better, or until boss  give me two or three cookie dog bones that will make me to forget the sad moment right away. 

So far, I think two sisters are starting their friendship for me, but it is still unpredictable friendship. 

P.S. Both sisters don’t like to give anybody their smiles as you see in this picture.