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Miss You

Hello all of my friends!

It has been a long time that I did not write to all of you.  Our team, Somtum, The two sister cats, all fishes and me, Joa Ying, have been very busy for our new place.  Do I like it here? Hmm…..I think it alright, just for now because nobody around this area likes my barking, except my boss.  I think she understands the Beagle’s freedom and she said in this country we have the First Amendment to guarantee the freedom of speech.  Therefore, I assume I have freedom in my speech too.

The lady next door, I hear her nickname something ending with sound “R”, my boss said maybe her full name is “Hyena” or something like that  because her screaming voice just exactly like a Hyena’s sound.  For some reason or more reasons, she doesn’t like me from the first day that she saw me.  I assume that maybe because I’m look prettier and heavier than her dogs, or maybe she was born with hormone of hate the Beagle, like me.  It seems to me she doesn’t care much about Somtum’s barking, but whenever she hears my barking, she acts like my voice broken her hemorrhoid.  However, I can’t give up my Beagle barking, sorry Hyena Lady!

Boss keeps tell me more than hundred times that I should decrease my appetite.  That is very depressing suggestion that I ever hear from her.  Last week I ignored all her food she gave me, then she asked me why I didn’t eat.  Oh! Boss, what exactly you want from me?  Do you want me to eat or not to eat?  Well! I better make her happy, so I come back to enjoy my meals, and  Somtum’s meals too.  As her ages, Somtum doesn’t care much of her food like before, but she eats enough to live on her days.  This is the reason I have to take care and clean up of her food every day, except chewing bones she always keep in good care and she doesn’t like me to look at these bones neither.  I keep telling her more than million times, that “Just looking, lady”.  However, she doesn’t trust me with her chewing bones.  That is another depressing issue for me.

Well, I promise I will come back as often as I can to let all of you know about my days here.

Miss all of you,

Joa Ying, the Beagle