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Summer Sharing

Hello World!

Jao Ying is here now with many update stories about four of us, Somtum, Thong Thai, Thongpond, and me (Joa Ying, the Beagle) plus some stories about my relatives and new friends in Thailand. First of all, let me share some pictures of all my relatives and friends from Thailand, so you will know who are they and how they look like.

I have new room for their pictures, call Sharing Friendship.   Click, then you will see them before read their stories one by one. It will take time for me to interview their owner ( my boss’s sister).  Both of them, my boss and her sister like to share stories about their four legs friends. When I hear about their stories, I’d like to share to the world too. 

P.S. This summer, my boss very serious to try to reduce my weight after she took me to the vet. Doctor told her a 60 ponds beagle need to improve the weight as soon as possible.  Therefore, boss immediately takes action by taking Somtum and me, the over weight Beagle, to go for walking everyday now.   First week of exercise was great and I love it!   However, I hate the part that there is not much food in my bowl as before, and I have been depressed about this bowl since the first day of exercise.  Please help!