The White Love

One, Thai Ridgeback mixed breeds, female dog lived at the temple in the small village.  She had been there for a while before she started used to with people around that area.   No one knows where she came from, and how she arrived there.  

Among the temple dogs, she was the skinniest, but the toughest one.  None of those dogs wanted to bother her when she came out for left over food that monks fed them.  After finished her eating, she started her routine job by walking around the temple as if she on the guard duty.  Some one told me that she was very protective the temple’s area.

Monks called her “Three” because she had three legs left after she got hit by the car.  She was closed to death, but finally she made it through, and lived on with one good front leg, and two good back legs.

Later Three gave birth to her six puppies, all of them were cute and looked alike their mother. No one wanted to adopt her puppies.  Besides fighting for her to survive day by day, Three had to fight for her puppies too.  I met Three on the day I went to work with the hospital team for helping the villagers.  Since then our friendship between Three, and I was started.  I kept come back to visit her whenever I had time from work.  We started to get used to each other, and finally we were good friends.

  To prove that she had accepted my friendship, Three let me hold her puppies.  Usually Three won’t let any one went closed to her puppies, but everyone was surprised when he or she saw me hold them while Three sat next to me.  One villager asked me if I wanted to adopt Three and her puppies because some other dogs started to be mean with them more than before.

Maybe because Three needed more food so that she could feed her milk to her puppies, however,Three and other dogs ended up with fighting.  Although Three used to be tough one, however, it is impossible that one dog will win ten or fifteen dogs.  Three fought to death for her puppies , and  she got very bad wounds on her side, but Three afraid of nothing.  

 The monk leader  gave permission for me to have Three and her puppies.   However, it was too late to help all of her puppies.  Because they had been very sick before the day I picked them back to my hometown.  Only one male puppy left but it was very weak and finally died although the vet tried his best to help that poor puppy. 

 I didn’t let the vet put him to sleep because I don’t believe in this method.  Only God has his authority for all living things to live or to die.  Not me, neither the vet.  

I knew Three was broken her heart on the day she found out that her last puppy was gone forever.   Three ran around and  howling for many days and nights for her lost ones.  I tried my best to comfort her, but I knew that I could not replace her loss for the rest of her life.  My mom and my aunt helped me took care of Three to get over her grief.  Three lived with us for another month before she traveled to follow her children in God’s garden.

Three gone from me for many years, but she still alive in my memory until this moment.   I remember Three as one of my best friend, and the great survivor. 

 Three had showed me one great love, the love of mother for her children.  This love can not be paint in any color, but only  pure white as the white rose.



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